Interview with Mary Matson

June 29, 2016

Q – Do you have any recurring dreams?
A – Yes and it involves a flying carpet.

Q – What is your favorite food to eat in bed?
A – Ice Cream.

Q – Describe your ideal version of “me time.”
A – Painting, drawing and doing nothing.

Q – Andy Warhol said, “Everybody must have a fantasy.” What is your fantasy?
A – Traveling the world with an unlimited budget with my husband, Matt.

Q – How do you like your eggs?
A – Poached or fried.

Q – You are the child of these people creatively:
A – David Hockney & Fran Lebowitz

Q – If you could steal a painting from MoMA, it would be:
A – Matisse’s “The Red Studio”… and since I’m there I might as well lift Henri Rousseau’s “The Dream,” too.

Q – Favorite breakfast cereal?
A – I hate cold cereal. Yuck.


Q – Beatles or the Stones
A – Beatles!

Q – Biggest crime you’ve gotten away with…
A – Using my Grandma’s handicap parking pass.

Q – Who’s your favorite Peanuts character?
A – Snoopy

Q – Who’s your favorite DJ?
A – Frankie Knuckles & Masters at Work.

Q – What’s your favorite time of day?
A – The hour just before sunset.

Yard Work_Mary Matson