Interview with John Derian

November 6, 2015

Q – If you could steal a painting from the MOMA, it would be?
A – Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World.

Q – Where would you hang it?
A – My house in Provincetown.

Q – Godard or Truffaut?
A – Demy! Have you seen Donkey Skin? Truffaut if it has to be between the other 2.

Q – When do you like to work? Early bird or night owl?
A – Hoot!

Q – You are the child of these 2 people creatively?
A – Monet and Lucille Ball. I would also like Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.

Q – Best concert you’ve ever been to?
A – David Bowie’s Serious Moonlight Tour. I have only seen 3 real concerts. YES in 1980 (a roommate dragged me – couldn’t even tell you 1 song.) I tried Grace Jones but she was 3 hours late and I almost fainted because the place was packed and rowdy. And David Bowie.

Q – Favorite TV show growing up?
A – Bewitched, though I am sure I watched more Brady Bunch. I mean PBS specials…

Q – More afraid of small pox or big pox?
A – Bigpox!

Q – Favorite Vice?
A – Watching Pride and Prejudice (Loved the BBC mini series!! Especially end of chapter 3 to 4!)

Q – Devil’s Advocate – the middle seat on the plane is good because….
A – It’s not.