David Coggins


I’ve been friends with the good people at Sleepy Jones since the beginning. Back then it was just a mood board, a mattress and a dream! We’ve done a lot of photo shoots and our style seems to fit well together. So we talked about doing a little collection to celebrate the publication of my book Men and Style. We thought it would be cool to do an entire look that I would wear. That meant pajamas and then a big shawl collared cardigan, what I call the Granddad Sweater. And then we thought it would be cool to do a pajama top in the least likely pajama fabric: corduroy. We all love corduroy so this felt like an outdoor jacket that was cut like a pajama shirt. It turned out really well. The perfect thing to wear on Sunday while you’re trying to do the Acrostic in the Times without resorting to Google.