The Glenn Robe

The Glenn Robe

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Size Waist Length Sleeve Length Leg Opening
Double Extra Small
43.75" 45.125" 23.5" 51"

Extra Small 

45.75" 45.75" 24" 53"
47.75" 46.375" 24.5" 55"
49.75" 47" 25" 57"
51.75" 47.625" 25.5" 59"
Extra Large
54.75" 48.25" 26" 62"
Double Extra Large
57.75" 48.875" 26.5" 65"


Apple, pear, banana.

We humans come in all shapes and sizes, making the job of finding the right fit a mix of art and science.

First the science part:

Measure yourself at chest and waist and consult our size chart.

Now for the art:

Do you like your clothes loose or close fitting? If you fall between sizes, go one size larger or smaller depending on how you like your clothes to fit. We are providing the garment measures so you can decide how much ease you’d prefer. With pajamas, you may want those to be on the looser side.